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Deep Cave

Deep Cave

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As we journey out to the islands at the tip of the Karpaz peninsula we find this beautiful site for experienced divers. The cold of the thermal layer will hit you at around 25 meters and you will need your torch to fully explore around the walls of this large cave. After leaving the dive boat, slowly descend the wall to 16 meters. As you drop over the edge of the plateau you will see the entrance to a large cave with the opening extending down to 25 meters. At the entrance of the cave you may encounter a large octopus lounging about with a clumping of five to ten lobsters grouped against the entrance wall. The depth will gradually reach 32 meters. We have often found a variety of marine life – groupers, octopus, bright orange cardinal fish, soldier fish, feather star and moray eels. It is now time to begin slowly ascending. As with all of the Cape Zafer dive sites, visibility will be excellent – at least forty meters out into the deep blue.