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Great Canyon

Great Canyon

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The Great Canyon dive site is situated off the coast of Yenierenkdy in the general proximity of the Lighthouse. This is a wonderful dive site for the experienced diver. You will first follow the anchor line down to a depth of 16 meters. At this stage you will be on top of the canyon – covered mainly with small rocks and neptune grass. However, as you drop over the side of the Canyon to 42 meters you will see a large swim-through that will bring you to the opposite side of the Canyon. As you descend through 35 -40 meters you are presented with a colourful display of aquatic life. Note the soft sponges, the potato sponge and the mug sponges – some as large as 1 meter in height. In the area of the swim-through be on the lookout for some large grouper ranging from 10 to 50 kilos; moray eels; fire worms and loggerhead and green turtles with shells over 1 meter in diameter.