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History Rock

History Rock

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This is a relaxing dive suitable for beginners and also for night dives. The dive site is located off the coast from the fishing village of Kaplica. It is situated on the north coast at the beginning of the Karpaz peninsula. This is an interesting dive site from the standpoint of historical events as evidenced by the bits and pieces scattered about on the bottom. As you descend slowly you will first encounter the top of the rock at 4 meters. From here descend along the rock slope to around 11 meters where you will see a large hole. The outside of the hole is quite colourful with marine life set against the white sand bottom. As you enter the hole, you will exit at around 16 meters through a large cut in the rock. From here you can proceed to the bottom. As you fin along the bottom in this area you will encounter fragments of amphorae, some interesting rock formations that almost have a hint of man-make columns to them, and a veritable underwater war zone with gun pieces and complete assemblies, bomb fragments and what appear to be old torpedoes.