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Kite School

Kiting, kitesurfing training in Northern Cyprus
Kite training takes place in Russian, in a friendly atmosphere, at the best kite spot in Cyprus. Our equipment is Crazy Fly, this company has long established itself as a manufacturer of high–quality and reliable equipment for kiting.
Kiting training program:
The 1st level of kiting training “Confident kite control” is designed for those who are going to be trained “from scratch”. At the end of this level, the student will be able to determine suitable weather conditions and a place to practice kitesurfing, independently assemble and disassemble equipment, and control the kite.
  • We will study the security systems, the kite insurance system and its activation.
  • The theory of the windscreen and the basics of kite piloting.
  • Use and understanding of international communication signals (hand gestures).
  • 4 hours from scratch to confident kite control.
Price 250 €

The 2nd level of kiting training (Preparation for the board, the basics of riding a board with a kite) brings the student to the start on the board. It includes all the exercises that prepare for the board. At the end of this level, the student will confidently roll on the board in both directions (downwind).

  • Body drag to the right, to the left. Bodydrag with one hand. Bodydrag with a board. Bodydrag with return to the point of departure.
  • Safety rules for water launch.
  • Kite control with a dressed board. Choosing a position for a water launch.
  • We study the rules of divergence on the water.
  • Working out a water launch in both directions.
  • 5 hours (for those who have mastered the first level) from the control to the water start, inclusive (riding in both directions).
Price 250 €

3rd level of kitesurfing training (Confident riding on a board with a kite) this is an advanced level of kiteboarding. A student learns to ride a kite against the wind, the correct settings, a U-turn.
  • Self-rescue in deep water.
  • Change of tack, the first turn through a squat.
  • Turn without stopping.
  • Confident driving in all directions.
  • Cutting, walking upwind.
  • 4 hours (for those who have mastered the first and second levels).
Price 250 €


Prices for equipment rental


a Day (3 hours)

5 days7 days
Full set₺1000₺4600₺6600
Kite with a bar₺700₺3500₺4900
Water shoesNo need    –    –