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Our second dive site in the Aphendrika area is appropriate for more experienced divers as we will spend most of our time between 21 meters and 35 meters. Approximately 1 mile from the shore you will slowly descend to 21 meters and see the large plateau shape of this dive site with steep walls on three sides.The plateau is large – football field size in scope – and colourful as you will see from the photographs. During the summer season you will see large groups of ghost fish, nudibranchs and the ever present neptune grass. As you explore further you will see the very large rocks (up to three meters round) set against the white sand of the bottom. Between the rocks look for the yellow and orange coloured sponges, soldier fish, triton on the rocks, jelly fish, visual spectacle of sponges, corals and fish life. The Plateau is also a very interesting night dive.